Texas Vigilantes

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Mitch McConnell’s Supreme Court gutted Roe v. Wade in Texas and will soon do it in other states. Democrats are still insisting the only thing to be done is to vote. Voters busted their asses to give them a trifecta so they could pack the courts, and codify abortion rights into law RIGHT NOW, but they’d rather have the fundraising boogeyman to run against than do something useful.

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Total Electoral Eclipse

Total Electoral EclipseTrump’s malignant shadow is obscuring everything else going on in the world. The ugliness of his campaign and its supporters is certainly newsworthy, but we’ll have a lot of catching up to do if and when the Trump phenomenon fades.

I wrote and drew this before Neil deGrasse Tyson proved himself to be no political scientist over the weekend on Twitter:

Maybe everything he knows about astrophysics leaves very little brain real estate for civics.

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