As soon as Republicans squeaked out control of the House last November, I did a bunch of cartoons predicting this debt ceiling mess and ways to avoid it. Instead, the White House was high on their own supply and believed Republicans would magically become rational and not do the thing […]

Beware of the Speaker   Recently updated !

I still haven’t returned to going to the movies. Mostly due to never being a fan of crowded theaters even before COVID. But maybe if the numbers are low and the edibles are just right, I’ll get tickets to see Dune Part II. Read the comic on Patreon.Read the comic […]

Box Office Bombs   Recently updated !

The public health emergency for the pandemic ended today. The pandemic hasn’t. Testing’s now going to be even more of an expensive pain-in-the-ass, which means no one will do it unless absolutely necessary, including myself! A thousand people are still dying a week in the US, but the government really […]

COVID’s Over* Party Supplies

The Writers’ Guild of America declared a strike early Tuesday after the executive side of the entertainment business refused to negotiate their modest demands. A lot has changed since the last writers’ strike in 2007, especially how media is consumed and compensated. Netflix’s red envelopes were the big new thing […]

Scab Scripts

I’ve been closely following the news and news commentary for a quarter century now and drawing cartoons about it almost as long. Sick freaks from the top down to the lowly cartoonist at bottom. Quitting Twitter has spared me from catching a lot of the worst takes people rage share, […]

Media Perverts

As more and more reports of Clarence Thomas’s opulent gifts from weirdo billionaire Harlan Crow come out, calls for Senate Democrats to do something grow louder. Unfortunately, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is Dick Durbin. Durbin’s one of the up and coming septuagenarians in the Democratic gerontocracy that’s […]

Dick Durbin’s Judiciary Committee Arsenal

Still getting ahead of my schedule, so here’s a mix of vaguely current eventsy gags. If you don’t know that Jeff Zients is the White House Chief of Staff, congrats on having a healthier news diet than mine. I was never a fan of Ron Klain, but he looks like […]

Spring Book Pile

I know there was an actual Trump indictment and arraignment this week, but I have to get ahead for some real-life stuff and did an evergreen comic. AI’s always invoked to replace labor, never management or any job that wields actual power. I’m decades away from the last time I […]

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