The 28th UN climate conference started today and they’re finally gonna start taking climate change seriously. Or not. I did a cartoon about the 26th conference, and the 27th passed me by without even noticing. So my hopes aren’t high for this one. Last week while willingly subjecting myself to […]

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I’m not traveling far for Thanksgiving, but I still have to get a cartoon done early for everyone who is. It’s been a while since I did a cartoon even referencing COVID, but it is still out there thanks to everyone getting bored with mitigating it. I got my booster […]

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After numerous reports of bribery, Federalist Society influence, and seditious spouses among the Supreme Court’s conservative supermajority, they finally came out with a toothless code of ethics to get those dang meddling reporters off their backs. I don’t think it’ll work on anyone except their good friend and cocktail party […]

Ethics* of the Supreme Court

The post-midterm, off-year elections happened this week, and every professional opinion-haver is trying to turn the results of extremely local races into their 2024 election predictions. What else are they gonna do? Report on a well-researched subject with new information? Let an expert talk instead? Of course not. I’m going […]

Prurient Pundits

Our government’s support for Israel’s month of indiscriminate retaliation against Gaza continues as the numbers of dead and injured continue to mount. Hospitals are being razed, refugee camps wiped out to get one guy; the IDF is doing a speedrun of our debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan. And hardly any […]

State Department Synonyms

After three weeks of chaos, the House Republicans finally settled on their generic right-wing freak. Like everyone else, I never heard of Mike Johnson until this week. He’s a full-blown coup-thusiast, white supremacist, and evangelical anti-abortion authoritarian. Who knows how long Johnson will keep the job, but his successor will […]

Meet Mike Johnson

It’s been another week of Israel bombing and starving the people of Gaza into oblivion as collective punishment for Hamas’s brutal attacks. Not only is the warfare asymmetrical, so are the death tolls and empathy from the Western world. A ceasefire is the only way to stop what is effectively […]

9/11 Brain

(Title on a Spirit Halloween generic costume bag.) D.I.Y. Halloween Costumes
I’m firmly against topical Halloween costumes in real life, but it’s a decent premise for a cartoon where you don’t have to spend an entire evening stuck inside your one-note joke that only news nerds might get. While the final panel is about Biden deciding to build more border walls, […]

D.I.Y. Halloween Costumes