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The shitty contract forced onto rail workers by Congress and the President that contains zero (0) paid sick days is going to cause a lot of problems. Either immediately to the supply chain if a wildcat strike happens, or electorally when unions abandon Democrats for abandoning them.

“B-b-but it was Republicans who voted against it!” some might say. And that’s what Democrats planned on by decoupling sick leave from the rest of the bill. I typed a version of this on Mastodon, where I’ve been dabbling since my Musk-induced departure from Twitter. Hive Social is phone only, and not very secure, so I’m not doing much there besides parking my name.

Decoupling sick days from the rest of the rail bill was done by the Democratic House, so they could blame Senate Republicans while pleasing rail barons.

The antitrust thing could be about Ticketmaster flubbing Taylor Swift tickets, Amazon, cable companies, or almost literally anything else that sucks in this country.

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