A Cornucopia of COVID-19 Recipes

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I’ve been doing joke Thanksgiving recipes off and on for 19 years. This is the bleakest group yet. I live within 25 miles of my immediate family, and might see them masked and distanced in a yard as we exchange food we made in Tupperware. And I’m one of the lucky ones.

Stay safe so we can do this all over again for next month’s holidays.

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Thanksgiving Parade of Perverts

The indifference to creeps, harassers, assaulters, and rapists (obviously, varying degrees of severity, but all creepy) seems to be finally fading and all sorts high-profile men are being shunned.

This is good! Hopefully accusations against men who aren’t well known are also taken seriously. Only then can the institutional rot that produces these fucked-up dudes be addressed.

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