The White House’s Sickly Treats

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I have around 210,000+ thoughts and prayers to send before I can get around to worrying about this guy.

Hours after finishing last week’s post-debate cartoon, my wife woke me up at 5:30am to tell me Trump had COVID. Sadly, she didn’t wake me up early this morning with even better news.

I censored the last panel for some outlets, and gave both uncensored and censored versions to others, and so I can post this comic on social media without it getting flagged as inappropriate.

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Trump’s Newest Cabinet Picks

Every pick Trump (or Pence, most likely) has made for his cabinet is the┬áperson most likely to eliminate the department they’re going to be running. Grover Norquist’s vision of drowning the government in the bathtub is about to come true, and even the water in the tub is likely to be poison without the EPA around.

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