Joe Manchin

The Senate’s Suicide Squad

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There’s plenty of obstruction from Republicans. No need for a Sabotage Caucus to help find “common ground” with the same people who tried to have them murdered three weeks ago.

Democrats have ostensibly had the majority in the Senate for a week now, and Republicans are still in charge of committees because Chuck and this bunch are too chicken to use the power voters and volunteers gave them.

Every week where nothing’s done is another week closer to the 2022 midterms. The pandemic death toll will keep climbing as people have to work even while the Senate isn’t. “Not Trump” isn’t going push them over the finish line this time.

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Modern Medical Marvels

Modern Medical MarvelsIf there was any doubt that Martin Shkreli represents the rest of the for-profit healthcare industry, recent headlines removed it. Mylan’s gouging of Epi-Pens, and Aetna sulking away from Obamacare markets because they weren’t profitable enough are making quite the case for putting a public option into the Affordable Care Act.

The public option was originally in there, but removed to placate conservatives, who spent the past 6 years trying to repeal it anyway. Unless the House changes hands in November, a public insurance plan will remain a pipe dream and healthcare costs will keep going up. That’s good news if you happen to be a well-compensated healthcare CEO.

I’m not even going to pretend that single-payer will ever happen. Too much money’s at stake, and no number of lives can top that.

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