Kevin McCarthy’s Anti-American Agenda

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Results are shaking out from last week’s election, and the Republicans will get a thin majority in the House, thanks mostly to New York Democrats rather than anything appealing offered by the GOP. Of course, if the Coup Caucus was expelled, and thorough impeachment trials were held, things probably never would’ve been this close.

So now we get another two years of debt ceiling crises, hearings about nothing, and nonstop coverage of Trump’s rallies now that he’s officially declared what we all knew he was gonna do.

At least the Senate didn’t change hands, so non-Federalist Society judges can get confirmed for two more years. Fingers crossed Ginni spills lube all over her and Clarence’s bathroom before time runs out on that too.

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Bill Barr’s Too Busy to Testify

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Attorney General William Barr was quickly confirmed to do the obstruction that even Jeff Sessions and the interim A.G./Toilet Salesman wouldn’t do. Anyone in government that’s surprised the Iran-Contra cover-up guy is bad shouldn’t be allowed to drive, let alone govern.

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Town Hall Exit Plans

Republicans are having a difficult time at town halls in their home districts. Constituents are rightfully angry at them for going along with whatever President Trump wants to do, and letting them hear what they think.

Louie Gohmert not only cancelled his town halls , but cited Gabby Giffords’ shooting as his reason. Not exactly the bravest stance from someone who thinks guns should be everywhere except near him.

The birthday cake gag may seem like a non sequitur, but Tom Cotton really likes birthday cake. Here’s the proof.

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