Affordable Care Act

Lifestyles of a Stimulusaire

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Lots of early deadlines because of the holiday, so I was working ahead. A paltry $600 stimulus check seemed to be all that was in the cards for weeks, until President Dipshit tweeted last night, seemingly bringing $2000 back on the table. (Broken clock, etc.)

I reworked it a bit to reflect a potential slight increase, but the overall point still stands. Billionaires have gotten obscenely wealthy during this pandemic, while politicians from both parties are worried the rest of us might not deserve any amount of relief.

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Dr. Ryan’s ACA Replacement

The Affordable Care Act (Which is the same as Obamacare, despite the fact that the two names get very different levels of support.) is going to be repealed. Its replacement is going to be our old way of letting more people die of preventable disease.

While an improvement over that, the ACA is far from great and should be improved and expanded. Politicians who deluded themselves into pretending the ACA was perfect and needed no improvementsĀ had a hard time selling that to the public who actually uses it. Single Payer is a goal that every campaign should champion. Save the “let’s stick to what’s politically possible” forĀ the end of a debate. Starting from there is a loser’s game.

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