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Facebook’s Oversight Orb   Recently updated !

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Facebook’s oversight board made some news this week for issuing a toothless decree about kicking a certain ex-president off their platform. A shame actual regulations don’t apply to them and they get to make up their own on the fly.

(panel 1 – Title above a floating orb with Mark Zuckerberg’s face.)
Facebook’s Oversight Orb
(panel 2 – The Zuckerberg Orb hovering over someone typing at a computer.)
typing inset, “The Democrats are harvesting baby blood to commit SUPER VOTER FRAUD!”
Zuckerberg, “Not true, but the algorithm’s gonna spew this into everyone’s feed!”
(panel 3 – The Zuckerberg Orb hovering over a board meeting at Facebook headquarters.)
executive, “Should advertisers be running these invasive, creepy ads?”
Zuckerberg, “You say ‘creepy;’ I say ‘HIGHLY TARGETED.'”
(panel 4 – The Zuckerberg Orb hovering over someone texting.)
texting inset, “Bill Gates put tracking microchips in the vaccines!”
(panel 5 – The Zuckerberg Orb hovering over someone texting.)
Zuckerberg, “Keep posting that while you continue to let me track everything you do!”

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The Nib’s Animated Series

The Nib’s been publishing excellent comics for years, and now they’ve expanded into an animated series. I wrote and contributed to several segments in various episodes, and this week’s episode features a segment that I wrote and drew. Watch ’em all and share so they get a second season!

And thanks to the magic of social media, you can also watch the episode right here:


Mark Zuckerberg in Iowa

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Mark Zuckerberg is touring Iowa like an alien visiting another planet, or more likely, a future presidential candidate.

I think billionaires should be taxed out of existence, but at the very least, they should be banned from political life.