Silicon Valley

Tainted Halloween Treats

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The annual “Marijuana Candy” panic has already started on our garbage local news. Having waited in line forever at the Brookline recreational place, I’m not inclined to give that stuff to friends, let alone random kids.

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Silicon Valley CaveBro

I wrote this way back when Juicero first made the news for being an insanely expensive, DRM’d, yet easily hackable (squeezable) proprietary juice machine.

The stupidity of Silicon Valley economics is an evergreen topic, so I saved this script for when I needed to do something in advance for vacation. Fortunately for me, Juicero’s back in the news and now no one will know I’m phoning it in the week after next.

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Sketchy Start-Ups

Sketchy Start-UpsUber and Lyft threw a tantrum and pulled out of Austin, Texas after voters upheld city regulations requiring background checks and fingerprinting for their drivers. A huge reason for the growth in Silicon Valley is reclassifying labor as “free stuff.” Users create content for free, contractors work without benefits, artists get pennies, if anything, when their work is streamed, and Silicon Valley turns their efforts into profits for venture capitalists and shareholders.

It’s not just start-ups, either. The constant demand for growth from shareholders makes responsible sustainability impossible.

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