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The G.O.P.’s Anti-Immigrant Stupor

Anti-Immigrant StuporWith Trump leading Republican polls with a full-blown racist nationalist platform of slurs and insults, the rest of the field is following his lead and it’s ugly. Stripped of the dog whistles and coded language employed by Republicans for decades, the hatefulness of that party toward immigrants is now obvious to anyone, especially those who will be voting in the general election.

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The 2016 Campaign Carnival

The 2016 Campaign CarnivalI’ve ignored it for as long as I could, but after a month of official campaign announcements, plus Jeb’s non-announcements due to fundraising shenanigans, I’ve done a cartoon about the election that will not end.

I like Bernie Sanders. If years of following our terrible, corrupt election process hadn’t made me a cynical defeatist, I might actually be optimistic about his chances. But I’m glad he’s in the race and bringing up issues that are resonating with people. If anything, his campaign could shift the Overton window back towards sanity and away from the supply-side thinking that has dominated national conversations and destroyed the working class since the 1980s.

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Grand Old Pen Pals

Grand Old Pen PalsI don’t think Senator Tom Cotton’s open letter to Iran was treasonous; it was dumb. And unfortunately for the US and the rest of the world, being dumb isn’t treason. It’s practically a requirement for anyone who wants to court the Tea Party caucus.

It’s spring (or so I’ve heard from under all of the record-breaking snow) and the miserable slog towards another election has sprung. And if the apoplectic reactions from both sides regarding Hillary Clinton’s Rube Goldberg-esque email practices are any indication, it’s going to be an insufferable year and a half.

Unless the 47 Senate Republicans get their way and start another war, then I can wait out 2016 from a fallout shelter.

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