2016 Election

Down and Out in the Senate Races

Down and Out in the Senate RacesOne week until Election Day, and you might be surprised to learn there are other races besides the presidential one going on. Even though the House is safely gerrymandered, the Senate majority is on the line. So make sure to vote for the other stuff on your ballot once you’re done taking your top-of-the-ticket selfie.

Read the comic at The New York Times.

The Candidates Get Out the Vote

Candidates Get Out the VoteI drew and submitted this just before the audio of Trump’s assault comments came out, so I offer my apologies for the soft language in this cartoon.

As the election crawls into its final weeks, human toad and hot ham enthusiast Scott Walker is busy disenfranchising as many of Wisconsin’s voters as possible. Other Republicans are doing the same in their states, thanks to the Supreme Court’s gift of gutting the Voting Rights Act.

Read the comic at The New York Times.

Donald Trump’s Tremendous Charities

Donald Trump's Tremendous CharitiesTrump would clean out the “take a penny, leave a penny” tray before donating his actual money to charity. His charitable shenanigans have been well documented in a series of stories by David Farenthold. There’s also the grifting of campaign funds to pay companies owned by himself and his family.

If he ends up winning, it’ll be a long-con gone wrong.

Read the comic at The New York Times.