Trump’s Newest Cabinet Picks

Every pick Trump (or Pence, most likely) has made for his cabinet is the person most likely to eliminate the department they’re going to be running. Grover Norquist’s vision of drowning the government in the bathtub is about to come true, and even the water in the tub is likely to be poison without the EPA around.

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Climate Change Denial Winter Exercises

Climate Change Denial Winter ExercisesDenying climate change exists because it’s cold out is just the tip of the rapidly melting denial iceberg. Unfortunately it’s a well-funded iceberg that’s kept afloat by the indifference of folks who’ll be dead before they’ll have to deal with the consequences of their consumption.

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Cut from the E.P.A.’s Clean Power Plan

Cut from the Clean Power PlanLast week President Obama and the E.P.A. revealed the final rules of their Clean Power Plan that finally attempts to set limits on our suicidal consumption of carbon and other greenhouse gases. They mostly require individual states to reach emission reduction targets by 2030.

These rules will be challenged for years by people who have the luxury to either buy themselves out of harm’s way or die before the disasters really start piling up. But if you or people you love will be alive at the end of this century, there’s no excuse for delaying actions that could prevent the disaster that awaits them.

Read the comic at the New York Times.