AG Sulzberger

America’s Assignment Editor

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The NYTimes was never the bastion of the liberal media people claim it is, but it’s definitely taken a hard right turn since nepo baby AG Sulzberger took over the family business. He oversaw James Bennett becoming opinion editor, who let Bari Weiss and Tom Cotton run insane 4chan shit for a couple years before the normal employees put up enough of a stink to run him out. (With a few notable exceptions, the opinion section still sucks shit though.)

The rightward tilt of the “straight” news side were always there, with the Iraq War propaganda being the most blatant in my lifetime. But Trump has sent them over the deep end; either to appear neutral with both-sides bullshit, or actively targeting a minority to signal their willingness to work with fascists.

None of this will save them if they succeed in getting the second Trump term they want so bad. He hates their fancy high society guts and will send them to the camps with the rest of us.

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