Republican Primaries’ Cryptid Candidates

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Like I wrote last week, I’m only aware of the 2024 also-rans due to my proximity to New Hampshire. They have some real freaks, but you-know-who’s going to be the nominee. More states should follow Colorado and Maine’s lead and kick him off the ballot, but the Supreme Court is packed with coup-lovin’ shitheads, so I’m not hopeful.

Unlike the Republican freak-of-the-week, I could draw cryptids forever. I only saw a moose once, so I count it as a cryptid. If that’s not satisfying, pretend I drew the aliens that “abducted” Betty and Barney Hill for New Hampshire instead.

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Cryptids on the Campaign Trail

Cryptids on the Campaign TrailUgh, this election. Everyone’s entering the race and they are terrible. At least Bernie Sanders seems cool enough to make the Democratic primaries somewhat watchable.

I’m more interested in cryptozoology. It’s trash, but fascinating trash. One cryptid I wanted to include was the Pukwudgie, which was said to roam the swamps near where I grew up, but his PR team is shit and nobody outside of southeastern Mass has heard of him.

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