Charlie Baker

2021 Valentine Cards

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Governors want you to go indoor dining on Valentine’s, so book your St. Paddy’s ICU while you’re at it.

A fun week to goof on Marjorie Taylor Greene, and eventually expel her, but basing the entire 2022 midterm campaign on “Q-Anon is crazy!” will get much worse results than actually passing a robust stimulus that puts dollars in voters’ wallets.

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Profiles in Cowardice

Profiles in CowardiceAfter the attacks in Paris, the Republicans, along with some spineless Democrats, devolved into the same panicky imbeciles that turned this country bonkers after 9/11. That insanity is what led me to political cartooning 14 years ago, and to see it return all these years later is incredibly heartbreaking.

Thankfully, there’s been more pushback this time around, although it’s entirely absent from the GOP presidential field, who’s current frontrunner is a full-blown fascist.

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