IDENTIFIED Aerial Phenomena

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Balloon panic is in its second week, and we’re probably a week away from a drone strike on a science fair. I can see my apartment on Google Street View, so a spy balloon would have to float through my window to invade my privacy any further.

Neither party wants focus on the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. Republicans because they’re against any remedies such as regulations or paying rail workers decently, and Democrats because they just busted a rail strike that was seeking to improve the very conditions that led to this crash.

Joe “I’m a train guy” Biden’s next choo-choo photo-op is gonna be awkward.

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James Comey’s Future Career Plans

James Comey’s firing is very shady and will probably result in many hearings, and maybe even legal action if the Democrats can get their shit together and win some elections.

But let’s not forget that Comey’s FBI sucks shit, too. Here’s a comic I did when he tried to strong-arm Apple in decrypting their phones after the San Bernardino shootings. And here’s one from that time he arguably tanked the thin margin Hillary Clinton had going into the week before the election.

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