War Hawk Hacks

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There’s a reason nuclear powers haven’t gotten into direct conflict. Putin is brutalizing Ukraine, and the week since the invasion began has shown the world the resilience of Ukrainians. Any direct military action is going to create a nuclear problem, which ICE T put very succinctly on Twitter.

So we’re left with humanitarian and diplomatic options. We pass huge defense budgets every year that we can’t use against anyone with the bomb. All that money could be put to much better and immediate use on direct aid and assisting refugees. Something we should do for all refugees, not just Ukrainian ones.

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James Comey’s Future Career Plans

James Comey’s firing is very shady and will probably result in many hearings, and maybe even legal action if the Democrats can get their shit together and win some elections.

But let’s not forget that Comey’s FBI sucks shit, too. Here’s a comic I did when he tried to strong-arm Apple in decrypting their phones after the San Bernardino shootings. And here’s one from that time he arguably tanked the thin margin Hillary Clinton had going into the week before the election.

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Naptime for Diplomacy

Rex Tillerson doesn’t like his job , and it’s the only relatable thing about the rich former Exxon executive. He’s already missed events ¬†due to “fatigue” after less than two months on the job.

An hour before I finished this, it was announced that he’d attend the NATO meeting after all , but only after a week of criticism.

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