John Cornyn

The Texas GOP’s Climate Emergency Tips

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Hoping for a quick recovery to everyone in Texas except these guys!

I’ve lived in the Mid-Atlantic and even they don’t have the infrastructure to deal with snow or a prolonged cold snap, so what’s happening in the South is extra-horrifying. Add that to Texas’ electric grid being isolated from the rest of the country to escape regulations, and yikes. This is Katrina levels bad, with a year-long pandemic to boot.

5.6 million Texans voted for Biden, more than in any state in Northeast. I tried to focus my smug disdain solely on the politicians and corporations responsible, and not the people who are suffering.

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The Judiciary Committee’s Absentee Excuses

Absentee ExcusesI previously picked on Mitch McConnell for stonewalling President Obama just hours after Scalia kicked the bucket. McConnell’s Republican pals on the Senate Judiciary Committee are pulling the same crap and refusing to even meet with Merrick Garland. They really have┬áno endgame, this is just obstruction for obstruction’s sake.

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