Total Electoral Eclipse

Total Electoral EclipseTrump’s malignant shadow is obscuring everything else going on in the world. The ugliness of his campaign and its supporters is certainly newsworthy, but we’ll have a lot of catching up to do if and when the Trump phenomenon fades.

I wrote and drew this before Neil deGrasse Tyson proved himself to be no political scientist over the weekend on Twitter:

Maybe everything he knows about astrophysics leaves very little brain real estate for civics.

Read the comic at The New York Times.

Holiday Gift Warnings

Holiday Gift WarningsThe Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating “hoverboards” for spontaneous combustion, but not false advertising. The CPSC has the regulatory power to force companies to issue costly recalls and warnings if their products are dangerous. Unless those companies make guns, which are exempt, because the NRA writes the laws.

Read the comic at The New York Times.

Collateral Damage Condolences

Collateral Damage CondolencesRemember Afghanistan? Although the “Afghanistan War” proper ended, we’re still bombing stuff over there, and finding new and innovative ways to be terrible. The most recent example is the prolonged airstrike on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz.

As far as international PR campaigns go, bombing our way to peace makes us look either dumb or malicious, but most likely both.

Read the comic at The New York Times.

Urgent Government Recalls

Urgent Government RecallsThe massive recall of cars with exploding airbags got me thinking about other things that are deadly and/or dangerous either by design or neglect.

The recall of the Patriot Act, or at least the sunset of its most pernicious sections, looks like it could really happen, thanks to Mitch McConnell being incredibly bad at Majority Leading the Senate. Unfortunately, everything else in this cartoon will probably be injuring/maiming/killing innocent people for years to come.

Read the comic at The New York Times.