Your Taxes’ Holiday

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Did my taxes just in time to send my refund back out for 2022’s first quarterly estimated taxes. The circle of life.

I’d grumble less about the military getting half of our budget if they used it so Walter Reed could speed up their supposedly universal coronavirus vaccine instead of padding the portfolios of everyone who has Raytheon stock.

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Urgent Government Recalls

Urgent Government RecallsThe massive recall of cars with exploding airbags got me thinking about other things that are deadly and/or dangerous either by design or neglect.

The recall of the Patriot Act, or at least the sunset of its most pernicious sections, looks like it could really happen, thanks to Mitch McConnell being incredibly bad at Majority Leading the Senate. Unfortunately, everything else in this cartoon will probably be injuring/maiming/killing innocent people for years to come.

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