Massachusetts, Vote for Ed Markey

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The pandemic has proved that we need leaders who have plans for disasters before they happen, and Senator Markey’s been leading the way on preventing climate disaster before it’s too late, even before co-authoring the Green New Deal. He’s also more progressive than his opponent, much more than the mainstream media is leading voters to believe.

Joe has a famous last name, but even that can’t paper over his work for incarceration-happy DAs, keeping marijuana illegal so cops have a pretext to detain minorities, and “accidentally” voting to give Trump more nukes. A xerox of a mimeograph of a carbon copy of a Kennedy might be enough to get the nostalgia vote, but most of us are worried about the future, not wistful for a dynasty of the past.

Ol’ Dynasty Joe Kennedy III was also a member of a racist fraternity that explicitly claims Robert E. Lee as its “spiritual founder” until denouncing them just before launching this entitled senate bid … if he even denounced them. I was not a member of a billionaire family, yet I somehow managed to avoid joining a Confederate cosplay frat to find housing in college. It’s sketchy as hell, especially considering his work for and endorsements of hard-line district attorneys who seek to increase policing and incarceration of communities of color. If you find it as disqualifying as I do, sign this petition.

Register to vote and apply for an absentee ballot today. Our shitty Secretary of State makes it hard to vote, so you have to apply, even though there’s a fucking pandemic.

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Take Me (Remotely) Out to the Ball Game

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It’s only just beginning to feel like baseball weather here in Boston, and MLB owners are clamoring to start the season and send their players out into a pandemic to make them money. I’d almost understand if those billionaires had to pay Boston rents.

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Stop & Shop’s Corporate Scabs

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Stop & Shop is a massive corporation that is probably second only to Dunkin’ Donuts in ubiquity here in New England. Often there’s a Dunkin’ inside the Stop & Shops. What makes those brands stand-ins for our region isn’t their corporate boards and the profits they shovel to shareholders, it’s their employees. They deserve everything and more than what their asking for.

Their strike is now entering its second week and in addition to not crossing picket lines, the employees can use all the support they can get.

I hope they prevail soon. I have to travel all the way to West Roxbury to buy groceries at Roche Bros. instead.

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Ture Turnbull for MA State Rep.

My friend and neighbor Ture Turnbull is running to represent our 11th Suffolk District in Massachusetts’ House of Representatives. If you live in Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, Roxbury or Dorchester, you might be in our district. Find out with this simple form, then vote for him on September 4th. I’m so convinced he’s the best choice to represent us, I made my first local issue comic:

In a deep blue state like ours, it would be easy to think midterm primary elections don’t matter. But the State House of Representatives has elected a conservative Speaker who chooses to ignore the Democratic supermajority at his disposal, in favor of tabling bills to protect conservative Democrats like himself from making progressive votes. Our current representative likes Speaker DeLeo’s status quo so much, they voted to end term limits for the guy!

Our State Senate has passed countless progressive pieces of legislation, such as Medicare for All, that have died in House committees, such as Ways & Means, of which the 11th Suffolk incumbent is vice-chair. With Republican governor Charlie Baker, it’s essential both Houses act to resist his catering to Massachusetts’ big business interests and serving the interests of the Trump Regime.

Our electoral process is rigged for incumbents; why else would they schedule the primary the day after Labor Day? On September 4th, show them our deep blue district won’t let Speaker DeLeo continue holding Massachusetts back.

Connect with Ture Turnbull at, on Facebook and Twitter.

Baseball’s Unwritten Rulebook

The weather’s finally nice enough to catch up on baseball season. If you don’t follow the sport, here’s a quick rundown of what the panels are referencing.The Minnesota Twins’ whining about bunts and “unwritten rules” inspired this premise.

Tucked into the massive tax scam that screwed everybody was a special provision that especially screwed minor league players.

Report: New Hampshire Youth Baseball Coaches Planned To Bean Their League’s Lone Girl Player Into Quitting

Stephen King can see all sorts of horrors, but claims he can’t see what’s behind a safety net.

The Cleveland Indians are phasing out their offensive Chief Wahoo mascot off their uniforms next year in order to get the All-Star Game. They’ll still sell tacky Wahoo merchandise as long as fans keep buying it, however.

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The Amazon Bidding Game

The Amazon Bidding GameMayors and governors are debasing themselves and their constituents for the chance to woo Amazon’s second headquarters. Here in Boston, we already did this with GE, a failed Olympic bid, and an indy car race that no one but our Mayor wanted. Thankfully our local sports teams have fully privately funded stadiums, so we didn’t have to endure that nightmare common to other municipalities.

If you live in Boston, please vote Tito Jackson for mayor so we can stop embarrassing ourselves.

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Bad Bleacher Behavior

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If you don’t live in Boston or follow sports, you might not be aware that Orioles’ player Adam Jones was pelted with peanuts and racist slurs at Fenway Park Monday night.

I happened to be at that game, and didn’t learn about the incidents (plural, since the peanuts and slurs were slung from different parts of the park) until the next day. A lot of Boston sports media and their callers and commenters became defensive idiots, with some even accusing Jones of making the whole thing up.

I believe Jones because I’ve been to Fenway more times than I can count and heard awful shit said in the bleachers and elsewhere in the park. I’ve also been to stadiums in other cities to know none are without racist and homophobic assholes.

Boston fans get famously defensive when things like this happen, which is not a good look. My fellow fans and the media should take a page from the Red Sox organization and condemn the racists in our midst and make them feel unwelcome. And if that doesn’t work, invite Antifa and Black Bloc on your next trip to Friendly Fenway.

As for the NYTimes’ newest columnist, Bret Stephens, his climate change denial is terrible and has no place in any publication that pitches itself with the slogan “The truth is more important now than ever.” But his bigoted “Disease of the Arab mind” comment should disqualify him from being published anywhere outside of 4chan message boards.

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Exhibition at MassArt’s Brant Gallery

Brant prep

If you’re in Boston April 5-29, stop by MassArt’s Brant Gallery to look at my cartoons. A lot of effort and beers went into framing the physical prints, and two digital displays will feature more of my work.

There’s an opening reception Tuesday, April 5th from 5:30 to 7pm. I’ll be giving a talk and a Q&A at 6pm. Here’s their Facebook event page.

MassArt South Building, 3rd Floor

621 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115

The gallery’s regular hours are M-F, 9am-5pm

I hope you can check it out!