Threats All Go to the Movies!

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I know most movie rollouts were planned well in advance of this latest omicron wave, but there’s something incredibly sinister about all the “only in theaters” ads running while hospitals are struggling and begging people to stop spreading this disease everywhere.

We rented Mike Mills’ “C’mon C’mon” this week just to see something new. It’s good! And besides being safer at home, it was cheaper than two arthouse tickets to see it.

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2015’s Summer Blockbusters

2015's Summer BlockbustersI have yet to see any of this year’s big summer movies, but I will be attending a theatrical re-release of Jaws this weekend. I guess that’s what happens when you age out of Hollywood’s beloved 18-35 demographic.

The Supreme Court’s term was an historic one and I’m surprisingly happy with how it turned out, except for how they botched the botched-execution case. And as much as I loathe the interminable presidential election process, the winner will likely nominate quite a few new faces to to the Supreme Court. But not to replace RBG, who I hope turns out to be immortal.

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