Fall TV Preview

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These T.V. shows I made up are still more informative than anything on cable news. I don’t watch any of it, yet somehow I’m aware that things are bad and getting worse.

Unlike what seems like everybody else, I’m still quarantining and soon it will be too cold to do that outside on long walks or the porch. So I’ll eventually look at cable news out of sheer boredom and immediately regret doing that.

If you don’t know what the numbers are above the show titles, ask your grandparents to show you a copy of their TV Guides.

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Meet the Republican “Resistance”

When I said I was adjusting my production schedule, I didn’t intend for the comic to be this late. I wrote and started drawing a whole other comic about Trump’s North Korea bluster, but the events in Charlottesville rendered that tone deaf so I started from scratch.

I could’ve easily lumped many Democrats in with this faux-resistance crew, but this goes out to several publications that would’ve thrown the phony alt-left epithet at me and stopped sending me checks.

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