Kennedy/Brain Worm

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It was reported this week that in a deposition, RFK Jr. claimed a brain parasite (and mercury poisoning) limited his ability to pay alimony. This is the kind of sound medical reasoning you’d expect from one of the most prominent anti-vaxxers who has encouraged the current resurgence of formerly preventable diseases, and stopped COVID vaccine uptake right when it needed to be ramped up.

As a third party candidate, RFK Jr.’s filling in the weirdo/crank void left by the late Lyndon LaRouche. If Kennedy can somehow siphon enough votes in the few counties that matter electorally to flip the result, that’s more of an indictment on the Democrats’ failure to run up huge margins in what should be the THIRD layup election against Trump. Especially when the alleged “spoiler” candidate is a literal quack with brain worms.

I wish there were viable third, fourth, etc. parties in this country. That could result in more parliamentary-style coalition building in Congress. They’d have to start running for offices lower on the ticket than president though, and none of these vanity presidential campaigns seem interested in doing anything like real political work.

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