A Conversation with the Boot on Your Face

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Protests against Israel’s siege/ethnic cleansing/genocide of Gaza have been happening as soon as it was clear Palestinians were facing collective punishment for Hamas’ brutal October 7 attack. Even as Israel’s war crimes escalated, proponents of a ceasefire have been largely ignored by those in power and people who can only perceive events through their implications on the presidential election.

Until this week, when Columbia University’s administration sent the cops to remove its encampment of student protestors. This delighted reactionaries and spawned solidarity protests on campuses throughout the country, which face crackdowns of their own. The semester ends in a couple weeks. Administrators could’ve just waited the students out, but chose to escalate, just like the country the students were protesting in the first place.

For the past seven months, commenting on Biden’s enabling of Israel’s actions was met with a chorus of “Trump would be worse!” Of course he would be, and he’d send more troops to bust kids’ skulls even harder. But doing or saying nothing today out of fear of something worse happening means fascism’s already here. And being quiet won’t make it go away.

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