Rick Snyder

Conservatives Cure the Zika Virus

Conservatives Cure the Zika VirusThe Senate passed a not-great, but decent bill to address the threat of the Zika virus. The House version is garbage and uses the public health crisis mostly as a means to relax regulations on pesticides. By the time the House and Senate bills are reconciled, it will be too late to do anything meaningful, since mosquito season is already in full swing.

Read the comic at the New York Times.

Gov. Rick Snyder’s Skinflint, Michigan

Skinflint, MichiganThe residents of Flint, Michigan have been drinking poisoned water for years. It took a national outcry for Michigan’s governor to finally declare an emergency; an emergency created by his administration. This totally avoidable disaster will be conveniently forgotten the next time austerity proponents want to impose cuts on poor communities to fund tax breaks for the rich.

Read the comic at The New York Times.