Modern Medical Marvels

Modern Medical MarvelsIf there was any doubt that Martin Shkreli represents the rest of the for-profit healthcare industry, recent headlines removed it. Mylan’s gouging of Epi-Pens, and Aetna sulking away from Obamacare markets because they weren’t profitable enough are making quite the case for putting a public option into the Affordable Care Act.

The public option was originally in there, but removed to placate conservatives, who spent the past 6 years trying to repeal it anyway. Unless the House changes hands in November, a public insurance plan will remain a pipe dream and healthcare costs will keep going up. That’s good news if you happen to be a well-compensated healthcare CEO.

I’m not even going to pretend that single-payer will ever happen. Too much money’s at stake, and no number of lives can top that.

Read the comic at The New York Times.

DIY Health Insurance

DIY Health InsuranceLast week the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in King v. Burwell and now we’re waiting to see if they’ll gut the subsidies in the Affordable Care Act because of one poorly worded sentence. Chief Justice Roberts kept it alive the last time it was challenged, but now that it’s fully functional, and working, who knows what the conservatives on the Court will do. They’ve been prone to making things worse since at least Bush v. Gore.

Read the comic at The New York Times.