John Boehner

Paul Ryan’s Retirement Plans

Having gutted the safety net and transferred trillions to the wealthy, Paul Ryan won’t seek reelection in order to spend more time with his donors.

It was weird digging back into my archives to remember how to draw Boehner, and seeing how orange I made him. How naive I was to think he’d be the orangest politician in my palette.

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Free Market Pharmacy

Free Market PharmacyEveryone had a good week hating on Martin Shkreli, the former hedge fund bro who became a pharmaceutical patent troll. His loathsome and tone-deaf response to the outrage makes him very easy to hate. But he’s just a symptom of the entire pharmaceutical industry, which holds people’s health hostage in order to extort the highest possible prices out of the public.

This could be the last time I’ve drawn John Boehner. His resignation comes at a perfect time, because I was just about to run out of orange pixels.

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The Side Effects of Diplomacy

The Side Effects of DiplomacyThere’s finally a nuclear agreement with Iran, and of course it’s not going over so well with the warmonger set. The only alternative to this deal is another war. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or incredibly dumb.

To claim a better deal was possible is to ignore that China and Russia exist and wouldn’t let sanctions last indefinitely. Unfortunately, saber-rattling makes for better GOP stump speeches than the practicalities of international relations.

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