Mint the NFTs

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Things are playing out exactly as they did in 2009 during the Obama years with deficits and debt suddenly the hostage du jour for Republicans (and defacto ones like Manchin and Sinema) who want things to be bad for the midterm elections.

Economists (the only social scientists who get rewarded for being wrong) poo-poo printing more money by invoking the “inflation” boogey man, but nobody has any money. The meager stimulus some people got because of the pandemic ran out months ago, and I’ve yet to see anything beyond the runaway housing/healthcare/education inflation we’ve been suffering through for the last 40 years.

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Panic in the Real Economy

Panic in the Real EconomyLast week’s stock market turmoil here and in China threw¬†the financial infotainment shows into a tizzy. If only they covered the financial drama unfolding in regular homes across the country with the same level of enthusiasm.

Gas and oil prices are really low right now. In a sane world, this would be a good time to raise the gas tax and plug the long-neglected gaps in infrastructure funding. But things are not sane, and low gas prices are only seen as an opportunity to go back to the SUV excesses of the 90’s.

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