Samuel Alito’s Freak Flags

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Apologies for two SCOTUS cartoons this month, but these six goons effectively run the country, with the two other branches of government wielding about as much power as an elementary school’s model U.N. The court’s begun issuing this year’s decrees, with today’s stripping what little was left on the Voting Rights Act’s corpse after Shelby v. Holder.

If you haven’t heard about the Alitos’ coup-coup flags, they put up decorations that show aesthetically what Alito’s opinions have been saying explicitly for decades: He’s a Christofascist, just like the other five members of the court’s majority.

Until a meaningful solution to the right-wing court’s rule is offered by the Democrats, they’ll continue to chip away at every right gained since Reconstruction and maybe even further back until elections are rendered moot. Waiting for actuarial tables and hilarious accidents is not a policy solution; it’s already admitting defeat.

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