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Whitewash: Seven Methods to Derail a Conversation

WhitewashThere was immediate criticism when this year’s Oscar nominations came out and were revealed to be as white as the Northeast after last weekend’s blizzard. Defenders of the Academy used these and many more techniques in their attempts to refute the criticism, most famously with Charlotte Rampling’s and Julie Delpy’s uninformed remarks.

I don’t receive screeners, so I’ll have to wait until most of the nominated films get dumped onto Netflix before I can definitively say this year’s nomination process was biased. But if the Academy’s 88 years of nominations are any indication, that’s a safe bet.

Read the comic at The New York Times.

Gov. Rick Snyder’s Skinflint, Michigan

Skinflint, MichiganThe residents of Flint, Michigan have been drinking poisoned water for years. It took a national outcry for Michigan’s governor to finally declare an emergency; an emergency created by his administration. This totally avoidable disaster will be conveniently forgotten the next time austerity proponents want to impose cuts on poor communities to fund tax breaks for the rich.

Read the comic at The New York Times.

The Social Justice Militia

The Social Justice MilitiaThe Bundy clan are back in the news for making a big show against the tyranny of below-market federal grazing fees. If anybody else took up arms and pulled a similar stunt to advocate for something that actually mattered, they’d be dead before the first press conference. Of course, unarmed peaceful protests get busted with excessive, if not deadly, force all the time, but that would make a pretty depressing comic strip.

Read the comic at The New York Times.

2016 Election Survival Kit

2016 Election Survival KitIt’s almost time for actual primary votes to be cast in the presidential campaign that began even before the last one ended in 2012. This is the fourth election I’ve endured since making the questionable decision to become an editorial cartoonist. These campaigns suck more and more oxygen from other important things, from down-ticket races to countless other issues that directly affect people’s lives. I’ll try to not be part of the problem in 2016.

Read the comic at The New York Times.