social justice

The Social Justice Militia

The Social Justice MilitiaThe Bundy clan are back in the news for making a big show against the tyranny of below-market federal grazing fees. If anybody else took up arms and pulled a similar stunt to advocate for something that actually mattered, they’d be dead before the first press conference. Of course, unarmed peaceful protests get busted with excessive, if not deadly, force all the time, but that would make a pretty depressing comic strip.

Read the comic at The New York Times.

Politely Protesting with Mr. Manners

Politely ProtestingThe protests at Mizzou and other universities caused a lot of old pundits to critique teenagers’ and young adults’ methods for achieving social justice. No college kid cares what pundits have to say. Sure, that one teacher who asked “for muscle” goofed up, but she was mocked all last week for being overprotective. Who has time for tone policing students and faculty when corporations, bankers and their client politicians are actively trying to destroy the world?

Read the comic at The New York Times.