Daily Archives: November 17, 2023

Ethics* of the Supreme Court

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After numerous reports of bribery, Federalist Society influence, and seditious spouses among the Supreme Court’s conservative supermajority, they finally came out with a toothless code of ethics to get those dang meddling reporters off their backs. I don’t think it’ll work on anyone except their good friend and cocktail party hostess, Nina Totenberg.

This code of ethics can be toothless because Congress and the President refuse to use any of the levers of power at their disposal to rein in the judicial coup that’s been amassing unaccountable power since at least Bush v. Gore (In which Thomas, Kavanaugh, and Coney Barrett were all well-documented players).

For the next year we’re going to be told that the election’s all about control of the Supreme Court, but with neither party willing to put any checks on their power, it’s really up to the Grim Reaper to make a few calls first.

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