Daily Archives: July 21, 2023

Child Scabs Wanted!

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Strike fever is sweeping the nation the same time as child labor laws are being rescinded in Republican states. The actors’ union joined the writers in rejecting the studios’ bullshit deals, making the directors’ guild look like chumps for accepting one.

There’s still a week for UPS and the Teamsters to negotiate a fair deal and avoid a strike. But corporations haven’t been making smart long-term decisions, instead choosing to destroy their assets to goose short-term quarterly profits, so I’m not holding my breath.

My Dad’s a retired UPS driver, and the 1997 strike happened just as I was heading off to college. I’m sure that was a fun financial roller coaster for my parents, but the strike ended up securing his pension so he doesn’t have to greet shoppers at Walmart today.

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