Daily Archives: April 7, 2015

Business Supplies for Bigots

Business Supplies for BigotsIndiana’s disastrous “Religious Freedom” bill gave companies even more rights to discriminate than the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision. I had no idea florists and bakers were so prone to bigotry.

I’ve gotten some randos in my Twitter mentions saying “B-B-BUT, you’re the bigot!” Calling someone a bigot, or even saying mean things about them is speech. Refusing them a service (or accommodation) is discrimination. I’m not refusing their dumb asses from reading my cartoons, but I am kicking them out of my mentions. That shit is exhausting.

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Water Warnings 1

Water WarningsWhile we’re finally saying goodbye to record snowpack in New England, there’s virtually none in California this spring. And for a state that’s in the middle of a years-long drought, that’s bad news for the water supply.

Unless you’re in agribusiness. They’re exempt from Gov. Jerry Brown’s mandatory water restrictions, while residents are asked to take quickie showers and to “let it mellow” in their toilet bowls. The world’s gotta eat, and for some reason a lot of that food is grown in the California desert.

Making matters worse is that a large portion of increasingly scarce California water is used to grow crops for animals to eat, so we can eat them. I’m not a vegetarian, but sustainable agriculture practices seem like a good idea, at least for those of us who are still allowed to say “climate change.”

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