criminal justice

The Prison Strike On-Screen

The Prison Strike On-ScreenA prison labor strike has been going on since September 9, the anniversary of the Attica prison uprising. This comic by Sofie Louise Dam and this Mother Jones article explain their reasons and demands.

The 13th Amendment’s slavery loophole gets covered in Ava DuVernay’s latest documentary “The 13th,” which arrives on Netflix this week. Hopefully that will help the prison strikers and their plight the attention they deserve.

Read the comic at The New York Times.

Overdue Police Reforms

Overdue Police ReformsI drew this after video of Officer Slager gunning down Walter Scott in North Charleston, SC came out, but before video of Reserve Deputy (Kind of like a police cosplayer, but given an all-too-real firearm.) Robert Bates shooting Eric Harris in Tulsa County, OK was made public over the weekend.

Surveillance of the police is a start, but it’s tragic that even more graphic snuff films are needed to convince people that our criminal justice system is messed up.

Read the comic at The New York Times.