I usually save the horror parodies for Halloween, but this summer’s news has been inviting them ahead of schedule. This usually is the time of year studios put out at least a few of their new spooky stuff in theaters so they can double-dip digital rentals in October. McConnell froze […]

Republican Creature Features

RFK Jr.’s been an anti-vaccine crank for decades and his primary challenge to Biden is ostensibly meant to appeal to Democratic primary voters, but he’s been doing nothing but indistinguishing himself from your average right-winger who spends too much time online. He recently said some pretty heinous shit about Jews […]

RFK Jr.’s Kennedy Conspiracies

House Republicans took a little break from obsessing over Hunter Biden to have a hearing about UFOs, or UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) as the cool kids are saying these days. While I enjoy reading about cryptid and UFO lore, anything that hasn’t been clearly caught on a smartphone or dashcam […]

Aliens Address Congress!

Strike fever is sweeping the nation the same time as child labor laws are being rescinded in Republican states. The actors’ union joined the writers in rejecting the studios’ bullshit deals, making the directors’ guild look like chumps for accepting one. There’s still a week for UPS and the Teamsters […]

Child Scabs Wanted!

The climate catastrophes keep coming this summer, and the super-heated oceans have yet to super-charge a hurricane. Besides a couple days of poor air quality due to wildfires in Canada, the worst to happen here so far is unrelenting humidity. Whoever put a “dehumidify” setting on air conditioners saved our […]

Climate Crisis Comix

David Zaslav has been rapidly turning what was once HBO into a low-rent content farm that makes Tubi’s offerings look like Masterpiece Theatre. Other studios and streaming platforms are pulling the same stunts to avoid paying residuals and axing entire shows for the tax write-offs. But Zaslav’s work at Warner […]

Zaslav TV

Another session of the Federalist Society’s judicial junta struck down affirmative action, the racial equality kind, at least. Rich legacy white failsons are still able to get admitted. I’m not sure how many years of being screamed at to “VOTE!” I can take when these fascists strike down anything nerds […]

Camp Corruption

It’s Hot Orca Summer. They’ve been making news since before Memorial Day. Besides attacking boats in the eastern Atlantic and ripping the livers out of great whites, several have been spotted off Cape Cod, which is pretty rare for this part of the world. The oceans are breaking records for […]