The Criterion Channel launched some great Halloween collections this week, the same week the Supreme Court began a new session. So I’ve been enjoying the escapism from real horrors with fictional ones. Until the court’s expanded, or ignoring their unenforceable rulings becomes commonplace, these six freaks are going to do […]

The Monster Fash

Jerome Powell is the Federal Reserve Chair and was originally appointed by Trump. Biden reappointed him to make the same capital-driven decisions no elected politician could be caught making directly. This one (Republican, by the way) unelected dude is basically the figurehead of the “free” market, but with immense power […]

The Fed Can Fix It!

I had a bivalent booster shot scheduled this week, but it was canceled the night before due to shortages. Fingers crossed that my rescheduled appointment has the booster juice next week. The rollout for this round of boosters is atrocious. It wasn’t great last fall, with only 30% of those […]

Bivalent Boosters

There’s a strike going on at a Boston Starbucks that’s the longest in that franchise’s recent wave of workers demanding to paid fairly for slinging glorified milkshakes. Every other panel is about another news thing. I had to hedge a bit with the supply chain, since there’s a tentative agreement […]

Fall TV Premieres

Cable news has been garbage forever, but now CNN in angling to be a Fox News clone. Outside of breaking national news, these channels are only watched by shut-ins and DC insiders who leave this garbage on as background noise every day, poisoning their brains (and our government) in the […]

CNN’s New Roster of Rogues

You don’t roll out a new advertising campaign until after Labor Day. With the midterms coming up, the GOP is in need of a new one. They’re currently polling lower than Democrats, which is surprising if you have the same view of Democratic leadership as I do. This could all […]

GOP Midterm Messaging

Florida governor Ron DeSantis and Republicans in general have spent years demonizing teachers and cutting their funding, and are now dealing with teacher shortages as the school year begins. They’re sending cops and troops in to fill the vacancies, which I’m sure will end well. One thing I’ve learned the […]

Ron DeSantis’s Back-to-School Rules

Will there be consequences for the classified material Trump kept at Mar-a-Lago? Probably not, but it is still very funny. Better than him actually killing a guy on 5th Avenue and nothing happening. Read the comic on Patreon.Read the comic on The Nib.Read the comic on Daily Kos.Read the comic […]

Inside Trump’s Treason Trove