Here is a sort of a sequel to this cartoon from last August. DeSantis keeps escalating his fascist grip on Florida while national Democrats are spending their time crowing about “bipartisan” infrastructure and doing fuck-all else. While I doubt DeSantis has national appeal, ceding one of our largest state’s populace […]

Ron DeSantis’s Book Club

Hedge fund managers REALLY want a recession. They particularly want high unemployment to reduce the pressure of raising wages which cuts into their primary function of pumping out dividends and stock buybacks to rich assholes. I hated drawing this brain. My sympathies to anyone who had to draw Krang for […]

Big Business Brain, CEO

We did this already. Republicans will use the debt ceiling to hold the global economy hostage whenever they can because Democrats let them. If we weren’t so used to this charade, it would sound sillier than a Trillion Dollar Coin or flat out ignoring the ceiling because it’s unconstitutional under […]

Janet Yellen’s Weird Tricks to Get Out of Debt

Republicans riling up their base about stove regulations or sexy M&Ms is preferred over the past few years spent inciting them to commit terrorism against human beings. The latter isn’t culture war, just straight up war-war. A lot of stuff gets lumped into “Culture War” because media considers it frivolous, […]

Culture War Activities

There might be a Speaker of the House before anyone sees this, but not as of this posting. It is a pleasant change of pace to see “Republicans in disarray” be the media narrative of the week. However, if the Democrats expelled and banned the Treason Caucus when they had […]

Speaker of the House Alternates

This week’s Southwest Airlines debacle made regular holiday air travel look pleasant.  COVID, flu, RSV (insert Gilligan’s Island theme song:) and the rest of the viruses we’re pretending don’t exist are causing people to be out sick from all sorts of essential jobs. Southwest was apparently hit especially hard since […]

Masochist Airlines

I’m abstaining from making any predictions about 2023. Not for lack of any ideas where things are headed, but because I don’t want to be too much of a holiday party pooper. I’ll let COVID, RSV, and flu do that. Read the comic on Patreon.Read the comic on The Nib.Read […]

2023 New Year’s Resolutions

Heading into the final weeks of the year and threw together some unrelated news gags together to get ahead of schedule. AI art is this year’s NFTs. Everywhere at the moment, but its ubiquity will be its undoing. Or so I tell myself. Read the comic on Patreon.Read the comic […]

Incredible Global News 2022