There was an unveiling ceremony for a new Nancy Reagan stamp at the White House this week. Combined with Biden’s claims of McConnell and other Republicans being reasonable, I’m not too confident that tonight’s insurrection hearing will have much effect on stopping our slide into fascism. Happy to be wrong, […]

Forever Stamping Out Democracy

Usually the news cycle moves on a week after a tragedy, but since Congress is still on vacation, there’s not much new news. The Uvalde police continue to look guilty of dereliction of duty as they refuse to cooperate with investigators. Which puts everybody who kissed cop butt over the […]

Monuments to Gun “Culture”

Another mass shooting at an elementary school, with cops bungling the response and possibly making the body count of small children even higher. There are some other topics in here. Who cares. The Senate’s already on vacation for the long weekend, hoping this all blows over and they can keep […]

Summer Book Blowout

Elon Musk has been trying to be the main character of Twitter for the better part of two months now. And just as I was locking in the final line art of this comic, an expose came out about how he harassed/assaulted a SpaceX employee, who signed an NDA for […]

Elon Musk’s Freak Speech Spending Spree

Whining about protesters is all the rage this week among those who don’t want to mention the impending overturning of Roe v. Wade. Claiming these spontaneous, harmless protests are “protoviolence” and beyond the scope of the First Amendment is the first step to normalize the looming crackdowns when the (illegitimate) […]

Susan Collins’s Concerns

The repealing of Roe v. Wade was inevitable when Anthony Kennedy mysteriously retired. I’d love for the reason for that, or the identity of Kavanaugh’s debt-absolving benefactors to be leaked, too. Leaving Merrick Garland’s nomination to die on the vine and RBG dying for real were just gravy for the […]

Quick Fixes for the Supreme Court

The housing market is insane everywhere. We (as in my community and my family personally) need a lot more of the affordable options built in Boston, where Boomers are squatting on properties they snatched up in the ’80s and are fighting every new building proposal, despite being on a major […]

Your Affordable Housing Options

Since COVID’s still rippin’, there aren’t many options for sports fans who don’t want Long COVID to watch games. Stadiums and bars are out, and if you’re in the same TV market as the teams you like, the streaming options are blacked out. The names of everyone featured in the […]

Tucker Carlson’s Toadies