The NYTimes was never the bastion of the liberal media people claim it is, but it’s definitely taken a hard right turn since nepo baby AG Sulzberger took over the family business. He oversaw James Bennett becoming opinion editor, who let Bari Weiss and Tom Cotton run insane 4chan shit […]

America’s Assignment Editor

Apple started selling their dumb goggles this week, so we’re being subjected to another round of hype trying to sell this garbage. Every “big idea” Silicon Valley’s tried to sell over the last decade or two has either been outright fraud (self-driving cars, Theranos, crypto, etc.) or just re-inventing something […]

New Tech Trends

Fake valentines are an (almost) annual tradition since I first started drawing weekly cartoons over 22 years ago. The little cut-out dots and scissors are vestigial artifacts from when my comics regularly appeared on paper products called “alt-weeklies.” While there’s apparently a lot of decent economic news these days, things […]

2024 Valentines

I’m old and don’t regularly use the same social media that the kids do. I only glean bits and pieces that bleed over to the older, nerdier enclaves of Bluesky and Mastodon, or when YouTube’s terrible algorithm tries to push garbage on me while I’m watching old clips of Max […]

Influencers to Avoid

Trump’s been pulling a bunch of shenanigans in court that would have any other defendant in jail for contempt of court months ago. No judge wants to be the one to do the very obvious thing and apply consequences to this demented fascist for the first time in his life, […]

Rejected Courtroom Sketches

Almost five years after Boeing’s cost-cutting grounded 737 Maxes, a plugged door failed on one on its way out of Portland. They nearly avoided charges for the first round of negligence, but this latest incident reset the clock. These disasters, or near-disasters, happen because passengers aren’t Boeing’s or the airlines’ […]

Boeing’s Blueprints for Success

The new year has begun and so has the countdown to 24/7 election talk. Not here, though. Getting it out early while we’re all shaking off holiday hangovers and/or the latest covid surge. I won’t keep harping on Mike Johnson and Republicans actively wanting to do a coup, that’s a […]

2024 Congressional Schedule

Like I wrote last week, I’m only aware of the 2024 also-rans due to my proximity to New Hampshire. They have some real freaks, but you-know-who’s going to be the nominee. More states should follow Colorado and Maine’s lead and kick him off the ballot, but the Supreme Court is […]

Republican Primaries’ Cryptid Candidates