RFK Jr. getting a brain worm from undercooked pork (or the fecal matter of someone else who ate undercooked pork [YUM!]) coincides with people desperate to get raw milk in their guts, even with H5N1 floating around in it. That seemed like a jumping off point for some silly stuff in […]

Stupid Food Revue

I have an exclusive comic in last month’s In These Times magazine, and it’s now online here, along with colleagues you probably know from The Nib. I just finished another for the upcoming issue. I’ll post a link here as soon as it’s online. This is obviously about the Federalist […]

The Founding Fetus Society

It was reported this week that in a deposition, RFK Jr. claimed a brain parasite (and mercury poisoning) limited his ability to pay alimony. This is the kind of sound medical reasoning you’d expect from one of the most prominent anti-vaxxers who has encouraged the current resurgence of formerly preventable […]

Kennedy/Brain Worm

The Supreme Court is going to do more bad things this session. Lots of people whose careers depend on covering the court will pretend the outcomes aren’t predictable, telegraphed, outcomes from the right-wing majority, but the results of complicated legal reasonings only law-knowers can understand. This court sucks, has been […]

Supreme Court Fortune-Telling

Protests against Israel’s siege/ethnic cleansing/genocide of Gaza have been happening as soon as it was clear Palestinians were facing collective punishment for Hamas’ brutal October 7 attack. Even as Israel’s war crimes escalated, proponents of a ceasefire have been largely ignored by those in power and people who can only […]

A Conversation with the Boot on Your Face

Trump’s criminal trial has begun with jury selection, and first reports were kind of funny, as far as Trump news goes. Falling asleep, having to hear the mean things potential jurors said about him on social media, and an aide bringing printouts of good news to improve his mood, etc. […]

More Rejected Courtroom Sketches

It’s summer blockbuster season already, and even I saw Dune Part 2 in a theater; my first time in one since before the pandemic. Most of the trailers were variations on existing properties. More than the usual beating intellectual properties to death, there’s a trend of maudlin revivals that take […]

Nostalgia Movie Marathon

I returned to the fake books bit because the James Carville idea wouldn’t get out of my head. His face is on fundraising texts and he still pops up on the news, so I kept trying to write a whole comic about that skeleton man. Especially one where he’s offering […]

Budget Spring Books