Nothing’s happening with gun control in this country. Mass shootings will continue at their horrendous pace throughout my life. That’s not exactly a “funny” message to put in a cartoon, so I drew a Fleshlight on the the end of an AR-15. Helped me forget about dead mangled kids in […]

Assault Rifle Accessories

This week the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released yet another report that says we’re fucked if we don’t stop pumping CO2 into the atmosphere right now. As with the COP conferences, it’ll be ignored and more drilling projects will keep getting approved as long as they’re politically expedient. Unfortunately, […]

Future IPCC Reports

To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of COVID, and the Iraq War’s 20th, we’re being treated to a celebration of the 2008 economic collapse’s 15th with the government’s response to Silicon Valley Bank’s failure. FDIC normally only insures deposits up to $250,000, but since SVB was the preferred bank of the […]

Silicon Valley Bailout Package Contents

With Title 42 coming to end (only because they’re ending the pandemic emergency declaration in May), the Biden administration has begun floating the idea of bringing family detainment back. That’s the same thing that caused all the good liberals with signs on their lawns to protest “kids in cages” when […]

White House Sophistry Briefing

Evidence collected during discovery in Dominion’s defamation suit against Fox News  clearly shows they’re the propaganda arm of the Republican party. So has the last several decades of its existence, but mainstream media continued to pretend they’re a real news outlet. Murdoch usually settles so this stuff gets buried in […]

Fox News’s Deposition Bloopers

The New York Times’s obsessive and biased coverage of trans people has helped foment the recent rapid rise in anti-trans legislation and violence. It is so bad, a group of current and former NYT contributors composed a reasoned letter addressing their concerns and naturally it’s more well written than anything […]

Transphobic Times

Balloon panic is in its second week, and we’re probably a week away from a drone strike on a science fair. I can see my apartment on Google Street View, so a spy balloon would have to float through my window to invade my privacy any further. Neither party wants […]

IDENTIFIED Aerial Phenomena

This Congress is barely a month old and already beyond parody. I suppose I’ll continue mocking them until the last checks on their power are gone and our country completes its final spin down the toilet bowl. I didn’t watch the State of the Union, since that’s always old news […]

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