Nine months after he barely squeaked into the speakership, Kevin McCarthy was ousted by the Ding-Dong Caucus. I was pleasantly surprised the Democrats didn’t bail him out for the sake of “norms, bipartisanship” or some other bullshit. McCarthy refused to make any concessions to earn that kind of unprecedented act […]

Speaker of the House Auditions

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, or whatever you want to call it has practical applications. From sorting the Pentagon’s bloated budget to doing whatever it is middle managers do, it has its place. Creating original art is never going to be one. The whole enterprise involves lifting from the work of […]

Sucky the A.I. Vacuum

I was originally going to mock Drew Barrymore and Bill Maher for scabbing when they announced they were putting their shows back into production while the WGA/SAG-AFTRA strikes are still going on. Unlike CEOs, some celebrities are capable of shame, and both changed their minds after a week of ridicule. […]

CEO’s Scab Shows

This week McCarthy announced the House’s Biden impeachment inquiry that the Ding Dong Caucus demanded to get their support for his speakership. It’s going to be real dumb and full of garbage that the media will dutifully cover as straight news to appear to be objective observers of the two […]

Kevin McCarthy’s Inquiries

San Francisco let these things loose on the streets earlier this year. While there haven’t been any fatalities, many accidents have already happened. There’s no real point to driverless taxis except to avoid paying people to drive them, especially in cities that have priced the labor pool out to the […]


My birthday and the long weekend almost coincide, so I’m getting this out early. Stores are already past back-to-school season and stocked with Halloween junk, but it’s still summer to me and my poor beleaguered air conditioners. The attempts by Republican-led states to rewrite history seems laughable, but we got […]

Republican Textbook Fair

Despite all the indictments, the ones in Georgia are providing the only mugshots. Trump’s hasn’t been released as I’m posting this, so this artist’s interpretation will have to do. A mugshot isn’t a conviction, and hardly a consequence at all, but we have to take our schadenfreude where we can […]

Georgia Jail Kids

Two reactionary country songs got a lot of coverage this summer and I’m sure the mockery (including this cartoon) will only strengthen their victim complex. Until they’re in prison being sung to by the ghost of Johnny Cash, they’ll be just fine. Modern country has gotten so formulaic, all the […]

Dagnut Dalrymple’s Culture War Country