Every October, the cops trot out a PR campaign about the dangers of marijuana edibles to trick-or-treaters, and the local news dutifully covers it. No one is giving kids their edibles. Getting hit by a car is a far more likely danger to kids on Halloween and every day. Read […]

A Warning from the Candy Cops

Things are playing out exactly as they did in 2009 during the Obama years with deficits and debt suddenly the hostage du jour for Republicans (and defacto ones like Manchin and Sinema) who want things to be bad for the midterm elections. Economists (the only social scientists who get rewarded […]

Mint the NFTs

I didn’t mean to start spooky season yet. But horrific photos and reports of U.S. Border Patrol on horseback assaulting and detaining refugees seeking asylum sent a chill down my spine. The refugees, particularly those from Haiti in this case, are dealing with a series of disasters that we have […]

The Haunting of the White House

Facebook recently unveiled some “new” things, such as smart glasses and virtual conference rooms. Which makes sense, since anybody old enough to remember Google Glass and Second Life fondly is old enough to be Facebook’s target demo. Each time I log onto that garbage to post a cartoon, it’s a […]

Facebook’s Innovations

Mitch McConnell’s Supreme Court gutted Roe v. Wade in Texas and will soon do it in other states. Democrats are still insisting the only thing to be done is to vote. Voters busted their asses to give them a trifecta so they could pack the courts, and codify abortion rights […]

Texas Vigilantes

My sympathies to all the parents, teachers and school staff out there. Governors, mayors, and everyone else eager to get bodies back in office buildings are pretending children under 12 don’t exist in order to get public daycare (the school part is secondary to these goblins) up and running. Many […]

Welcome Back to School

It’s college move-in week here in Boston, and variants from across the nation are coming to mingle among every Solo cup in the state. Several friends have recently gotten breakthrough cases (nothing severe, thanks to vaccines), so conditions are probably ripe for another fall surge. Enjoy summer’s final, rattling breaths! […]

Mail Order Crap for COVID Quacks

Biden finally did what the three previous guys wouldn’t. I’m not saying it was a graceful exit … … we have a responsibility to everyone whose lives we ended, brutalized with 20 years of a pointless war started out of the mass-insanity that blanketed this country after 9/11. (An insanity […]

Afghanistan’s Wake