Daily Archives: November 2, 2023

State Department Synonyms

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Our government’s support for Israel’s month of indiscriminate retaliation against Gaza continues as the numbers of dead and injured continue to mount. Hospitals are being razed, refugee camps wiped out to get one guy; the IDF is doing a speedrun of our debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan. And hardly any politician, especially ones in positions of power, are able to even say the word “ceasefire” to this carnage.

I couldn’t bring myself to draw a wacky caricature cartoon of these ghouls. The goofiness of my drawing style doesn’t seem right for the subject matter.

I was still doing a comic for the New York Times during the 2014 bombings of Gaza by Israel, and I am sure they wouldn’t let me run this without adding a heavy coat of “both sides” polish.

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