Daily Archives: March 24, 2015

Ted Cruz’s Campaign Swag

Ted Cruz's Campaign SwagTed Cruz is not dumb. He is playing into the willful ignorance and victimhood that riles up the base to win elections.

By a weird twist of fate, it has become my job to draw cartoons about current events. I am not a news junkie, but I must ingest news constantly to stay up-to-date on the latest nonsense and dumbassery. I’m especially not a fan of politics and our never-ending presidential campaigns. But the 2016 campaign has begun and I have been dragged into covering it. Maybe we’ll return to sanity for a few brief moments in 2017, before the 2020 campaign begins.

Read the comic at The Nib.

Death Penalty Dissonance

Death Penalty DissonanceSince lethal injection drugs are becoming scarce and no longer efficient at the whole “lethal” thing, Utah’s getting ready to bring back the firing squad, while other states are dusting off their electric chairs and gas chambers. Somehow these are all more preferable than calling off capital punishment altogether, which often results in the executions of many, many innocent people. But at least they got a trial. The same can’t be said for the summary executions the United States conducts overseas.

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