The Fed Can Fix It!

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Jerome Powell is the Federal Reserve Chair and was originally appointed by Trump. Biden reappointed him to make the same capital-driven decisions no elected politician could be caught making directly.

This one (Republican, by the way) unelected dude is basically the figurehead of the “free” market, but with immense power over the global economy. Unfortunately, all these people are freaking out that wages are going up for the first time in a generation, and have decided we all need to be taught a lesson while dividends and stock buybacks continue at unprecedented levels.

A functional economy would have windfall profits taxes and be clawing away at the immense gains of the 1% to cool the economy without causing millions to become unemployed. Instead we get massive recessions every 0-5 years.

I am compelled to draw obscure government functionaries no one knows, but this time I labelled him because even I couldn’t pick him out of a lineup.

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