Mark Zuckerberg’s DIY Metaverse

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Every announcement from Zuckerberg about his pet Metaverse project has been met with much-deserved derision. It seems like he’s been forcing hype around something that looks like a Second Life knockoff for almost then 20 years since Second Life was relevant.

The idea of a virtual office at a time when employers are desperate to get everyone back in the real office only sounds good to manager-types. Those fortunate enough to work from home during the (still-ongoing) pandemic experienced what us freelance work-from-home slobs have already known: Sleeping in and no commute rules.

As part of his Metaverse pitch, it appears Zuckerberg changed his wardrobe to a long-sleeve shirt. I believe this was to ease the burden on his beleaguered programmers who’ve had to crunch to upgrade his avatar after each round of ridicule.

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