same-sex marriage

Public Servants on Strike

Public Servants on StrikeKim Davis’ publicity stunt of denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples reached its inevitable conclusion last week. She’s in jail and will probably stay there until she signs a lucrative book deal. If everyone was allowed to deny public accommodations to anyone because of their “strongly-held” beliefs, everything would grind to a halt and the world would be an even uglier place.

The final panel’s a reference to the Syrian refugee crisis that’s been unfolding for years, but could apply equally to the rising amounts of nationalism and general anti-immigrant fervor being fomented by the GOP’s current crop of know-nothings.

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Business Supplies for Bigots

Business Supplies for BigotsIndiana’s disastrous “Religious Freedom” bill gave companies even more rights to discriminate than the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision. I had no idea florists and bakers were so prone to bigotry.

I’ve gotten some randos in my Twitter mentions saying “B-B-BUT, you’re the bigot!” Calling someone a bigot, or even saying mean thingsĀ about them is speech. Refusing them a service (or accommodation) is discrimination. I’m not refusing their dumb assesĀ from reading my cartoons, but I am kicking them out of my mentions. That shit is exhausting.

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