Mitch McConnell

Hide and Cower

Here’s a segment I wrote and drew for this season of The Nib’s animated series. I’m sure you know it’s based on the ubiquitous “Duck and Cover” PSA from the Cold War, but if not, here it is.

Garbage Gifts

Whether you celebrate or not, this is the time of year to phone it in so you can stress out about all the other shit you gotta do before things close.

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Future Republican National Monuments

Lotsa news this week, and shrinking Bears Ears may not be the most immediate threat, but the privatizing of public goods will soon be coming for Social Security and Medicare now that Paul Ryan’s malicious tax bill went through.

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Donald Trump’s Cabinet of Grifters

They made Jimmy Carter sell his peanut farm to avoid even the whiff of corruption, but now it’s cool that the entire administration is taking money right out of the government till for luxury bullshit.

I also did a headline comic for The Nib about Scott Pruitt’s extravagant phone booth.

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