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Not only are we under house arrest, it’s been cold and rainy for most of the quarantine so far. Without being able to escape to our triple decker’s balconies, my wife and I are watching A LOT of T.V. The commercials that are about the pandemic are the worst part. And that’s even including Tiger King.

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All the Puff Pieces That Are Fit to Print

The paper that paid me to draw cartoons for five years is making some even worse decisions lately.

A dude who shot the paper gets paid to contribute columns now, so I’m not too worried about this burning any bridges that I might have left over there.

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Fox News’ New Lineup

There’s been a lot of turnover at Fox News, and that’s just from the sexual harassment.
But with indictments from Robert Mueller starting to come down, they’re even more desperate to distract your grandparents with new nonsense.

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Presidential Pivots

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Philip Rucker sure is a credulous dope. He previously appeared in my comic after going ga-ga over Trump’s joint address speech.

He promoted himself to appearing in every panel after spouting this nonsense this week.

Trump’s not changing, and neither are the dumbasses who believe he will.

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