Climate Action Distractions

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You know Joe Kennedy LMNOPXYZ is to the right of Senator Ed Markey when half of the establishment already endorsed his primary challenge while I’m in favor of the incumbent.

Here’s a cartoon I did for The Nib when Prince Joe first entered the race.

I hope Hyannisport has enough boats for when the Kennedy Compound floods.

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Meet Mike Bloomberg’s Biggest Fans

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Sharing a media market with most of New Hampshire’s population means I’m already bombarded with Tom Steyer’s faux-cornpone ads during every Bruins game. Now with Bloomberg’s $37-million ad buy, there’ll be no space to advertise everything else I’m also not buying.

I’m a sucker for pandering to the local audience, even though I haven’t been in a Boston area paper since the beginning of this decade.

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Ture Turnbull for MA State Rep.

My friend and neighbor Ture Turnbull is running to represent our 11th Suffolk District in Massachusetts’ House of Representatives. If you live in Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, Roxbury or Dorchester, you might be in our district. Find out with this simple form, then vote for him on September 4th. I’m so convinced he’s the best choice to represent us, I made my first local issue comic:

In a deep blue state like ours, it would be easy to think midterm primary elections don’t matter. But the State House of Representatives has elected a conservative Speaker who chooses to ignore the Democratic supermajority at his disposal, in favor of tabling bills to protect conservative Democrats like himself from making progressive votes. Our current representative likes Speaker DeLeo’s status quo so much, they voted to end term limits for the guy!

Our State Senate has passed countless progressive pieces of legislation, such as Medicare for All, that have died in House committees, such as Ways & Means, of which the 11th Suffolk incumbent is vice-chair. With Republican governor Charlie Baker, it’s essential both Houses act to resist his catering to Massachusetts’ big business interests and serving the interests of the Trump Regime.

Our electoral process is rigged for incumbents; why else would they schedule the primary the day after Labor Day? On September 4th, show them our deep blue district won’t let Speaker DeLeo continue holding Massachusetts back.

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Washington Witch Hunt

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Trump bitched and moaned on Twitter about being the victim of the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American History. It’s a shitty analogy, since witch hunts are baseless, because witches don’t exist.I live close to Salem, Mass., which has built a cottage industry around witch tourism. All the Wiccan parties up there tend to gloss over the fact that those persecuted in the witch trials were normal and it was their accusers who believed in the witch nonsense.

For accuracy, I was going to include the old-timey long s in the title, Waſhington Witch Hunt, but that would be a pain to type every time I promote this comic on social media.

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