Ivanka Trump

The Trumps’ Christmas Grifts   Recently updated !

Forget Billy Bob, these are the worst Santas. There’s more Mueller news scheduled to drop today, after my deadline, so I hedged my bets with this one. And however damaging the revelations may appear, remember that Mitch is still Lord of the Senate and will do nothing.

Get on your members of Congress to ensure that they do.

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House Oversight Tip Line

There’s a real tip line for the incoming Democratic House Oversight Committee, which will soon be able to issue subpoenas and other forms of checks on our fabulously corrupt government.

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Celebrate President Trump’s First 100 Days

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The first 100 days milestone is largely arbitrary, but Trump made a big deal about it during the campaign. Now he’s downplaying since it’s been such a disaster. 100 days is pretty meaningless when you realize Neil Gorsuch will be on the Supreme Court for probably the next thirty or forty years.

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