Mike Pompeo’s Pretext Rejects   Recently updated !

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Watching the same dopes in the media and politics who fell for the Iraq War runup do it again for this administration’s even more obvious warmongering is infuriating.

We instigated a coup and installed a monarchy in Iran when they democratically elected a dude who wouldn’t give us free oil forever. They (and no one) should take our word at face value.

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Stephen Miller Overhauls the Department of Homeland Security

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With Kirstjen Nielsen Nazi ass out on the curb, Stephen Miller has free reign to shape this administration’s reign of terror on immigrants. A truly dispicable toad. I honestly can’t believe he’s still around when Steve Bannon got bounce so early.

Speaking of now-former secretary Nielsen, here’s a headline cartoon I did for The Nib just before she announced her resignation:

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It’s probably because he’s been largely out of the spotlight, but now that the media starting to point out he’s the racist wizard behind Trump’s curtain, Trump will certainly bristle at the idea he’s not in charge.

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Steve Mnuchin’s 2019 Economic Forecast

I’ve been busy doing holiday things and have been blissfully ignorant of the week’s news … until this morning. Going back online is jarring. I just want to go back to making pot roast and prepping vegetables.

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