Creeping Fa-SHUSH-ism

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Republican states are wilding out with anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-trans, and anti-everyone-who-isn’t-them bills. With a Supreme Court ready to rubber stamp them, the only legislative way to stop them is for the Democratically controlled federal government to pass a law.

That’s not going to happen, so it’s up to those of us not targeted by these garbage laws to protest them and offer aid and support to their victims.

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Ron DeSantis’s Emotional Support Police

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Taking a break from pointing out Democrats are beefing it again to point out Republicans are still evil.

While letting deaths pile up to blame on Democrats this fall, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is doing lots of dumb stunts to whip up the base, and literally whip anyone who’s not his base.

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Water Warnings 1

Water WarningsWhile we’re finally saying goodbye to record snowpack in New England, there’s virtually none in California this spring. And for a state that’s in the middle of a years-long drought, that’s bad news for the water supply.

Unless you’re in agribusiness. They’re exempt from Gov. Jerry Brown’s mandatory water restrictions, while residents are asked to take quickie showers and to “let it mellow” in their toilet bowls. The world’s gotta eat, and for some reason a lot of that food is grown in the California desert.

Making matters worse is that a large portion of increasingly scarce California water is used to grow crops for animals to eat, so we can eat them. I’m not a vegetarian, but sustainable agriculture practices seem like a good idea, at least for those of us who are still allowed to say “climate change.”

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